Coping with Loss - Bereavement & Grief

AFB - American Foundation for the Blind
Understanding Vision Loss

American Family Physician

Common Causes of Vision Loss in Elderly Patients



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With the effective medications and treatment strategies now available, the depressed elder as well as the caregiver can expect remission of symptoms and a return to a good quality of life.

How to adjust to the loss of a pet.

Coping with Loss

The National Mental Health Association provides an understanding of grief on this homepage.

Coping with loss- Loss in late life

Brice Pitt, emeritus professor of psychiatry of old age

Department of Psychological Medicine, Imperial College School of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London W2 0HA

This is the ninth in a series of 10 articles dealing with the different types of loss.

Coping With Loss: Surgery and Loss of Body Parts

BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, Volume 316 Number 7137: Pages 1086-1088, Saturday, 4 April 1998

Anxiety, depression, and sexual problems are related to the magnitude and type of loss as well as the personal vulnerability of the patient.

Chance's Spot - Pet Loss and support resources

Chance's Spot is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals who have suffered the loss of a dearly loved pet.


Knowing what to expect. The loss of a loved one is life’s most stressful event and can cause a major emotional crisis. After the death of someone you love, you experience bereavement, which literally means “to be deprived by death.”

In Motion (An online magazine from the Amputation Coalition of America)

People over age 65 account for approximately three-fourths of all surgical amputations. Of the 160,000 amputations performed in the United States each year, 85 to 90% involve removal of a lower extremity.

Occupational Therapy's Role in Coping with Grief or Loss

This descriptive study, using an Occupational Science base, focused on older adults and how they restructured their lives during an eight year period after the death of their spouse.

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