General Resources

A premier source for information on a variety of topics for "people age 50 and over." Includes an extensive database of
Internet resources and access to research articles through its AgeLine database.

Aging - Home Page - Healthy Aging for Older Adults

Although the risk of disease and disability clearly increases with advancing age, poor health is not an inevitable consequence of aging.

Baby Boomers

This site focuses on issues important to baby boomers. (Note: Includes paid ads.)


Specializes in information of interest to active-living baby boomers.

50plus Online Magazine

Contains upbeat and informative articles on varied subjects. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

FirstGov for Seniors

A well-organized list of links to federal government Internet resources. Includes especially useful links to consumer protection sites.

Humor on Aging

Aging, forgetfulness, retirement, and body changes are discussed with a sense of humor.

Librarians' Internet Index: Seniors

An excellent, regularly updated directory of web sources.


Offers advice to the baby-boom generation on work, family, money, health, and play. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

National Council on Aging

An excellent site for news and information on a wide range of issues. See especially this population-specific page, with links to health, lifestyle, and benefits resources.

NIA Home


Reinventing Aging (Harvard School of Public Health & MetLife)

A site linked to a national media campaign "to promote healthy aging, reshape cultural attitudes toward the older years, and encourage Boomers to volunteer their time, skills, and experience to help strengthen communities." Contains a research report and a list of additional resources.

Senior Ease Aging Humor

Aging Humor. Okay, okay. Maybe getting older isn't all fun and games. But there are a lot of very funny jokes out there on the subject.

Senior Living

This site provides articles on a myriad of topics and includes links to additional information. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Senior Citizens News and Information Daily on the Web

A one-stop site for news of interest to those in their forties and beyond. Provides numerous links to other resources.

Contains overviews on a variety of topics, such as "aging in place," insurance planning, and elder law, along with numerous links to other resources. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Suddenly Senior

A top-rated site designed for "everyone over 50 who feels way too young to be old." Includes humor columns and directory of recommended links. (Note: Includes paid ads.)


Provides information on health, relationships, continued education, work, beauty, and fun activities. Includes a free blog and chat service.

Too Young To Retire

Provides practical suggestions and advice for the "unretired." Includes information on learning opportunities and career possibilities as well as inspirational profiles of people who have started new endeavors.

WebMD Over 50: Healthy Aging Center - Find information on exercise ...

Find healthy aging information about treatments, exercise, nutrition, and your lifestyle in WebMD's Over 50: Healthy Aging Center.

Yahoo!® Directory: Seniors

Subject directory of popular web sites according to Yahoo!®. (Note: Includes paid [sponsored] ads.)

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