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The Leading Gen!® - What will you do with the rest of your life? is a website devoted to, (but certainly not limited to) people 40 years of age and up! This population group in the USA represents 140 million people or nearly 50% of the total population. We have called this group, The Leading Gen!® It is composed of the "Boomers" who are now ages 40-60 and the remainder who are referred to as "Seniors," a term that most do not like because it represents a negative view of the rest of their life.

All of the members of The Leading Gen!® are maturing and growing mentally and physically. In the past 100 years, the life expectancy of a person in the USA has almost doubled from the forties to the 80s. Yet, our society still acts as if its citizens will have life span of no more than 65-75 years of age.

People are eligible for Social Security at 62; retirement from companies is mandated at 60, 65 or 70 years of age. Government and state employees retire at a planned age of 70. Nevertheless, many of these people are healthy and vigorous and have the capacity to continue to contribute to society. According to an AARP survey of pre-retirees, (66%) actually would like to continue to work even without money being a consideration.

Several factors have led to a change in thinking about The Leading Gen!® First, the increasing number of people past the age of 60 years (4 million "Boomers" turn 60 each year) means that the younger population will have to support the social and healthcare needs of this aging group. When Social Security was conceived in the 1930s, there were seven workers to provide for one retiree, each of whom was expected to live until the age of 70. In the future, there will only be two younger workers to support the Medicare and Social Security needs of one retiree. The financial burden on the younger generation under these circumstances is unreasonable

Secondly, advances in healthcare have allowed many to live with diseases that formerly would have been fatal. Now, with medications or other treatments, these diseases are controlled but require continued medications that can be costly.

Thirdly, scientific evidence indicates that an individual's brain continues to grow and establish new connections with appropriate stimulation. The previously held belief that the brain makes no new cells and only deteriorates with aging has been proven false.

Lastly, with the possibility that Social Security will not be able to provide some support for the aging American and that their healthcare costs are increasing, many do not have the money to support themselves for the 20+ years they will live beyond their traditional retirement of 65. In some cases pension plans, upon which people had depended for their future support, have been cancelled. The "Boomers" who are approaching the traditional retirement age are faced with these same problems and are looking for answers to find a satisfying lifestyle with sufficient funds to live happily into their 80s, 90s and beyond

Thus, the reason for The Leading Gen!® This is the group with the greatest maturity, and experience in society that will provide the leadership for the rest of society to forging new life patterns, developing healthy and successful lifestyles, entering into new careers, and generally finding solutions to the fact that their life span has doubled and is still expanding. They are ahead of traditional society that has labeled them as "old" and believes that they cannot contribute to our civilization. In fact, society will not be able to succeed without the continued contribution from The Leading Gen!® in the future.

We decided to found this website to encourage people to continue to lead active, productive lives. For the most part, many of us will live longer than our parents and grandparents. The next 20-40 years can be really exciting and interesting if we look fhit buor new challenges and opportunities. None of us needs to spend time being bored, depressed, or unfulfilled.

Our brains can continue to grow if we exercise them with new stimuli, new ideas, and new ventures. Consequently, we have searched for, and found, references that are easy for you to access. These sites offer what we believe is helpful information of all kinds on activities, educational opportunities, dietary and fitness programs, job opportunities, travel, and volunteer programs.

For those with special needs we will provide suggestions on how to succeed under those circumstances. Many sites listed will help if you have concerns about benefit plans, housing, medical care, economic issues, insurance needs, and legal assistance. Unfortunately, some web sites still view the members of The Leading Gen!® in a negative light. We do not endorse that attitude. We will be adding other helpful links to this site and we sincerely hope that you will find the information helpful. We welcome your comments!

The Leading Gen!® - What will you do with the rest of your life? will show us the way to succeed in this great new world of opportunity! You are the leaders. The challenges are new, and there are many creative answers to our future. The difference is ATTITUDE! Go for it!

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