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AARP: Baby Boomers Elections, Health, Travel, Financial Planning...
Resources on elections, retirement, social security, Medicare and aging; discounts on drugs, travel, insurance, financial services, and a wide range of services.

All Recipes

A user-friendly site containing over 40,000 free recipes. Includes a recipe database, searchable by ingredient and other criteria. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Amateur Woodworker

Provides free projects and easy-to-follow instructions for the beginning woodworker.


Provides access to public records and other documents useful for genealogical research. (Requires subscription fee.)


This About.com site provides links to useful Internet resources, such as price guides, and includes many tips and articles on the art of collecting.

Antiques Roadshow

This popular television series' web site offers "tips of the trade" and other information on collecting antiques.

Best Retirement Spots

Today's baby boomers are planning for retirement at younger ages than previous generations ever did, and many are considering non-traditional retirement destinations. Of those already retired, more than 500,000 travel from their home states each year in search of the ideal retirement spot, whether it be by the water, in the mountains or near the desert.

BusinessWeek Online: Not-So-Senior Discounts

A video describing discounts available to those over age 50. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Dave's Garden

Provides access to discussion forums on specific gardening topics and an extensive, easily searchable plant database. (Includes paid ads and fee-based access to some material.) Includes discussion forums (for members).

Digital Photography Review

Provides reviews and comparisons of the latest cameras and equipment. Includes discussion forums and articles on technique. (Note: Includes paid ads.)


Premier site for buying and selling collectibles of all kinds. Also provides access to live auctions.

Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals

Provides access to "25 million immigrant arrival records in the Ellis Island Archives." Includes a history of Ellis Island and tips on genealogical research.


Contains over 20,000 recipes originally published in Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and Self magazines. Includes learning videos, a searchable recipe database, and food dictionaries.


Provides free access to genealogical records gathered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Garden Gate

This gateway site provides links to carefully selected gardening resources worldwide.


This About.com site provides a wide array of advice for the beginning to advanced gardener. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Hollywood Video: Specials

Describes discounts and other savings options, including a discount available to those 60 years of age and over.

Home Cooking

This About.com site includes an A to Z listing of recipes and a wide range of articles on cooking techniques, equipment, and related topics.


Provides instructions on making jellies, jams, and other home preserves. Includes ordering information for Ball and Kerr canning products and links to other information sources.

Internet Chess Club

An online chess club with over 30,000 members worldwide. (Requires membership fee; seven-day free trial available.)

Internet Public Library: Antiques and Collectibles Appraisal

Introductory guide to collecting antiques, listing Internet and print resources.

Internet Public Library: Pathfinders: Love to Read:

Finding Books & Book Clubs

A comprehensive directory to book lists and other reading resources on the Internet.

Kodak: Taking Great Pictures

Provides basic and some advanced advice on taking photos. Also includes tips on printing, emailing, and storing pictures.

National Center for Home Food Preservation

A joint project of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia, this site provides in-depth information on freezing, drying, curing, pickling, and other food preservation methods. Includes links to other sources.

National Model Railroad Association's Directory of World Wide Rail Sites

"A categorized listing of prototype and model railroading websites from around the world."

Organic Gardening

Provides tips and articles on all aspects of organic gardening, including pest control and specific growing techniques. (Note: Includes paid ads.)


Companion web site for the Public Broadcasting Service, known for its high-quality cultural and educational television programming. Includes web-exclusive content, such as online news reports, podcasts, resources for children, teachers, and parents, and discussion forums.

Quilting with a Passion

Offers free online classes, discussion forums, myriad patterns, and many other resources for the quilting enthusiast.


This About.com guide provides a vast array of resources for the beginning to advanced quilter, such as print patterns and applique techniques. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Retirement Expert

A series of articles about activities for retirees such as:


Caravanning in Retirement

Retirement Hobbies

A list of retirement ideas, including information about the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

Self Growth.com

The online self help encyclopedia.


An excellent in-depth guide to digital photography, covering such topics as choosing and using a digital camera, understanding pixel and image sizes, and sharing digital photos.


Shutterbug magazine's interactive web site provides users with many learning aids and discussion forums on various aspects of photography. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Taunton's Fine Woodworking.com

This publisher's site provides both free and subscriber-only content, including technique articles and tool guides. (Note: Includes paid ads.)


This publisher's site offers much free content, such as tips, tool reviews, and discussion forums. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Yahoo Directory: Antiques and Collectibles

Categorized listing of popular web sites on the subject of antiques. (Note: Includes paid [sponsored] ads.)

Yahoo Directory: Cooking

Categorized listing of popular cooking-related web sites. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Yahoo Directory: Model Trains & Railroads

Directory of popular web sites of interest to model train enthusiasts. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

Yahoo Directory: Quilting

Listing of popular quilting-related web sites. (Note: Includes paid ads.)

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