Shut-ins & Home Bound
Elder care Safety issues to be addressed if a family member is confined to a nursing home or is home bound

Alive and Well Animal Rescue Center

Seniors and shut- ins adoption program. Pets are placed either permanently or temporarily with thousands of elderly and shut in citizens, giving them the special gift of a lifelong companion.

Care Pages

Elderly shut-ins share their youth through oral History Project.

Domestic Mistreatment of the Elderly

Provided by AARP, this brochure contains ways to identify forms of mistreatment of the elderly who are home bound, confined to a nursing home.


News article about elderly patients and issues associated with them. Free registration.

National Coalition to Amend the Medicare Homebound Restrictions for Americans with Significant Illnesses

Senator Dole is honorary chairman of this grassroots endeavor to amend the Medicare policy that requires beneficiaries with significant illnesses remaining homebound not to lose benefits. Background information, links, legislative updates, and articles.

Senior Health

A discussion of services covered by Medicare, nursing homes, and t he issues of uneven care for the confined elderly

Social Isolation

From the Center for the Advancement of Heath, new research in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine indicate that social isolation leaves elderly at risk for heart trouble.

The On Lok Model

The On Lok / PACE model program for long term care for the elderly with compromised independent living.

Vanderbilt Medical Center

Medical students reach out to the elderly who are confined with dogs.

Why Watch Birds?

Watching birds eases sense of isolation.

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